So I was very nervous about adding this page, what do I say? Whats going to make me sound interesting? How long should it be? So I just decided to lead with myself:

I was born in Vermont and raised in New Jersey (which I very proudly claim!)!  I moved to NYC after college, Montclair State University (BFA in Acting), and found success pretty quickly!  I thought "Awesome, this is going to be cake"!  Well, it hasn't exactly been cake, but has been so much more!  I have studied with amazing teachers, gone on tour, been on TV, done some great movies....and I wait tables in midtown Manhattan while that cake still bakes!

I am proudly managed by Ann Kelly of Ivy Rock Management, a true and generous soul, who gets me and sticks by my side all the way.  One thing I have learned is that having people who understand you and support your YOU-niqueness is everything, in life and in this crazy business!

I also have an amazing wife, Cynthia, who is also an incredibly talented actress and we have a very sweet dog, Addie Mae, who is so adorable I can't take it!